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Vodacom Curve Tracker

Misplacing belongings happens more frequently than any of us would care to admit. Finding smaller items like keys and cellphones can take a lot of time and cause some stress, particularly when you need to be somewhere or need to contact someone urgently. This is why you need the Vodacom Curve Tracker, which will help you find your things within minutes.  You’ll never have to wonder where you last left your wallet, key, and can easily keep track of your cat’s late-night adventures.

What is the Curve Tracker and how does it work?

The Curve Tracker is a small disc-shaped device that can be fitted to your most valued items – keys, laptop, handbag, and even your pet’s collar. The Curve comes with a keyring that attaches to almost anything, and allows you to keep track of your belongings in real time via a dedicated app. You’ll also have access to the location history to see where your items have been.

Curve makes use of a built-in Vodafone Smart SIM. This sets it apart from Bluetooth-only trackers, which only allows you to find things within a limited range of your phone. The smart SIM card connects to the internet across Vodacom’s global network, so your phone could be far away from your possessions and still get updates.

You can attach the Curve to your luggage as the Vodafone Smart SIM works in more than 90 countries, subject to a Vodacom connectivity subscription.

The Curve offers an all-in-one tracking solution by making use of cellular, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS. GPS and Cellular are used when the tracker is far away, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are used indoors to help find smaller items.

Curve features

  • It’s small and lightweight, weighing only 30 grams.
  • It’s waterproof for up to one metre for 30 minutes.
  • The battery lasts for up to seven days.
  • You can track in real time in the app.
  • Personalise your tracking alerts.


The Curve tracker costs R749 and comes with a keyring and charging cable.

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